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Our Mission.

We believe that the decisions we make about what to put into our bodies, and what we put out into the world, are powerful. We believe that looking after yourself also includes looking after the planet. That's why we started Manifesto: better daily choices with a cumulatively huge impact.

Evolved formulations.

Manifesto is a next-generation edible beauty supplement for healthy, glowy skin, strong, swishy hair and healthy nails. Nutritionist-formulated, with the exact right balance of vitamins and minerals, supercharged with mighty natural ingredients like Astaxanthin, Acai berry extract, Inulin and Biotin, and with less sugar than a cherry; all vegan, high fibre, and free of nasties like Titanium Dioxide or artificial colours and flavours.

Planet before profit.

Our beauty gummies are packed in a reusable, refillable tin, wrapped in a home compostable sachet made from sustainably managed Eucalyptus plantations. You can pop this in your home compost or your regular bin. Small changes, huge impact – we hope it won’t be weird to do things this way for long.


After a successful career at the intersection of luxury, beauty and wellbeing, an understanding of how intertwined inner health and outer beauty are, led Anna Marcovici to create Manifesto: evolved supplements that taste so good, you will look forward to taking every day.

Anna's early years saw her and her family living in several different countries after fleeing Romania as political refugees. Moving to London to study Business and Economics at LSE, she arrived with little more than a backpack. After graduating Anna built a career in the beauty industry that included leadership roles with global brands including NARS, MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder. In 2018, she launched Impact Beauty Consulting to mentor and grow the businesses of luxury mission-driven beauty brands in the UK and Europe. 

Years in the industry confirmed it: holistic health is the bedrock of beauty. From that epiphany came Manifesto: delicious, nutritionist-formulated gummy supplements made with carefully considered ingredients, luxuriously and entirely sustainably packaged.

Thoughtfully formulated, sustainably packaged and a joy to take, Manifesto is the realisation of Anna’s lifelong belief that feeling good – in body, mind, and conscience – is beauty's highest ideal.