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The ins and outs of our gummies

Our nutritionist-formulated gummy supplements are packed with the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals, powerhouse natural extracts and prebiotics.


Supercharged with clean and safe ingredients

Only the best proven and nutrient-packed ingredients make the grade. And we’re every bit as conscientious about what stays out as what goes in.

  • Vagan
  • High In Fibre
  • Pro Planet
  • Low In Sugar
  • No Artificial Colouring
  • Plastic Free

Hear from our customers

Ask us anything

  • How long I need to take the edible Beauty gummies until I see a result?

    We would suggest taking the gummies regularly for two to three months.

  • How many gummies should I take?

    Two a day, chewed thoroughly. No water needed.

  • Do your supplements contain sugar?

    They contain less sugar than most gummies, at 0.8g/gummy which is less than one single cherry!

  • Can I take other supplements alongside Manifesto edible beauty gummies?

    That depends on their composition. Please seek the advice of a nutritionist.

  • Should I take a pro-biotic with the gummies?

    We are big fans of pro-biotics, and they can definitely be taken in conjunction, although we would always suggest seeking the advice of a nutritionist.